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Writer/Artist/Marketer/ Project Manager/ ​Events Manager/ Administrator and more.

About Me A Timeline

The Big Bang

Nothing turns itself inside out ​and becomes Everything. ​Something inevitably happens.

The Great Spin

The infant universe sets itself in ​motion, spinning like an infinite ​top. Stars burst, planets form, life ​evolves, dies, and evolves again.

Cincinnati is incorporated.

It is mediocre. The internet is ​invented. It is good.

At some point, I am born.

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The Big Freeze

10 to the 14th power (100 trillion) ​years later, the universe stops ​spinning. I have been dead a ​very long time. Everything ​reverts to Nothing. It was all ​waste of time.

There is no Wi-Fi signal.

What can I do


Business, Professional, and ​Editorial Content

  • Sales and customer ​service scripts
  • Sales letters and ​newsletters
  • Press releases, blog ​postings, and web articles.
  • Ghost-writing services, ​essays, and editorials
  • Business plans, grant ​applications, and ​employment manuals.
  • Case studies, SWOT ​analysis, buyer, and ​market profiles
  • Works of short fiction, ​scripts, comic books, e-​books, and poetry.


Digital, Fine, Folk, and ​Craft

  • Digital illustrations
  • Works of Fine Art
  • Painting, drawing, ​sculpting, collage, batik
  • Works of Fine Art and Craft
  • Sewing, candle and ​cosmetic making, jewelry ​making, wreath making, ​home goods, cottage ​foods.
  • Video and content creation ​using Adobe Creative ​Suite, Canva, Inkscape, ​ArtRage, and several open ​source graphic and video ​editing software products.


Promotional Materials and ​Sy​stems

  • Launch and maintain ​cloud accounts, produce ​and manage web content
  • Off-page optimization ​such as blog commenting, ​forum participation, and ​review responses
  • Presentations and slide ​shows
  • Business graphics, flyers, ​advertisements, social ​media graphics, and video ​clips.
  • Manage social media ​profiles, develop posting ​schedules
  • Informational static ​webpages.

Event and Project ​Management

Build a Dream, Throw a ​Party

  • Organize, coordinate, and ​manage start-up or ​marketing projects with ​teams of 25 or fewer
  • Organize, coordinate, ​manage, price, contract, ​and execute events with ​1,000 or fewer attendees.
  • Budgeting
  • Licensing and regulations
  • Sourcing and contracting ​with vendors
  • Organizing team or ​participant work-flow
  • Delegating tasks
  • Anticipating and ​preventing problems

Rates and Reservations

I work with others, not for others.

If I'm excited about YOUR project, I will pour the ​same amount of enthusiasm into it as I would ​into my own, personal, work. If I'm not excited by ​it? I won't take the job.

That's how I sleep well at night. I keep things ​simple. "Do what you love, and you'll never work ​a day in your life".

I work remotely. Non-digital tasks (phone calls, ​voicemail, faxing, mailing, taking dictation) are ​non-preferred may incur PITA fees depending on ​volume. I am available for in-person project and ​event planning activities within the Greater ​Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky Area.

Rates vary: the range is $35-$75 an hour. Tell ​me about your project or business, your ​available budget, and your long term goals. I'm ​open to a variety of payment arrangements. ​Absolutely No Spec Work. Samples are available ​via email and on this website.

There s more to life than money There s this Catfish

All night I wondered about the ​dead catfish. Where did it ​come from? Who caught it? ​And why did they nail it to a ​road sign? Would it be there ​the next day? How long would ​it take it to decompose and ​slip to the ground?

Driving home, I saw a large catfish nailed to ​a road sign. I stopped the car. I reverse it. I ​parked. I gave the Catfish a curtsy and the ​courtesy of my confessions. After ten days ​of putrefying, it fell to the earth. Five new ​little fish took its place. Each sign on my ​road had a dead fish nailed to it. The road ​stunk like dead fish all summer as new fish ​replaced old ones. For 20 seconds each day ​as I drove by, the entire decaying universe ​stopped and allowed me to examine it ​under a microscope.

It was beautiful.

Find your moment - the one unique to you.

...then, live it.

Marketing Samples

Here are samples of work I enjoyed producing. The people involved were ​awesome. Additional samples and descriptions of past projects, including ​marketing plans, SWOT analysis, and Customer Profile samples are available ​upon request.


Web design, graphic design, social media creation, etc. for the Yellow Vest ​Actions political protest group's #ShutDownBrunch campaign. I like this sample ​because it is brightly colored and has bold diagonal lines. The majority of the ​website text was written by me, as well as the press releases. I also designed the ​media kits for the campaign. The website and campaign materials were produced ​under a tight deadline.

Website: YellowVestActions.com

*I do not express opinions for Yellow Vest Actions


Flyer and brochure panels produced for American Legal Publishing. These ​materials are displayed for illustrative purposes and are owned by American Legal ​Publishing. I'm sharing these samples because they are in a color scheme I like.​ I also manage social media accounts and video projects as part of my emplo​yment wit​h​ this company.

*I do not express opinions for American L​egal Publishing


Promotional menu for Lonely Vegan in Instagram Story format. I like this sample ​because it highlights the unique ways businesses can reach out to their clients ​using simple technologies.

*I do not express opinions for Lonely Vegan

Cut and Play Book Pages

Above: Screenshot illustrating the book page with the cut-out element applied..

Below: Illustrated pages


I am quiet now...

and properly sedated

for your comfort.

Am I pleasing

in this simple,



I wish you could

see with the same

brilliance I do

because the colors

and sounds

are maddening

and bright.

If we had the same

visions erupting

from our skin

you would know

the ever present need

to release them as doves,

so they could float,

and soar; mate

and die as intended.

Most are Born sedate.

Quiet in the womb -

a soft, warm, lump of flesh.

I was forged.


I was forged fine and

flexible, vain, and brilliant -

perfectly balanced to

my own purpose.


and cutting-kind.

I will not fill you up.

I am no commodity.

I am not from the universal wish list.

I am the



This is

blowing out a candle

This is ending a sentence.

This is one sound following another

I see a ribbon -

a colorful wave spreading out

aurora borealis in my bedroom

the little lilts of light

I have dreamed all night long.

Said my prayers

and waited.

I waited.


your name

trips my tongue,

like a tipsy chippy on

one broken heel,

it's a sweet name -

that tickles.

Not many things in ​life are as simple ​and earnest as a ​good kitchen table.

My grandfather

several or so back,

lives eternally

on a cracked

gelatin plate.

When I am dust,

will I live on

in the aether of


You spoke

in hushed, confessional tones

i could hear the cracking of my ​rib-cage

in the soft chatter of "never", ​"won't", and "can't"

why do we hope and dream

if not for better versions of ​ourselves?

all revolutions start from the ​breastplate.

I cannot sleep so full of you

I have wiped you form my eyes

a dozen times

and there

I brush away your lips

and still they rest on mine -

I cannot sleep so full of you -

with my body bursting ​daybreak.

How many times

did we stand between the door

and midnight,

exhaling pale ringlets

into the streetlight -

Two summer mayflies

floated down from black -

we barely noticed.

Visual Journal

Images I produce to entertain my brain squirrels.

Elements from Canva content bank.

Arts and Crafts Photos